Supporting our Ministry Interns

May 2024

We give thanks to God for Jaden & Zoe, and Katie & Tim with Teddy. How can we support Jaden and Katie as they train and grow and exercise ministry among us?

One obvious way is by encouragement: as you are able, spur them on.

Another obvious way is to pray. Ask God that his Spirit would equip Jaden and Katie with all that they need to serve in ministry and spur on our mission as a church.

A third way, is to financially support them individually. Three points of clarification on this:

1) Together as a church we already are financially supporting Jaden and Katie. Your giving week by week enables us to pay our bills, our Vicar, and just over half of each Intern’s stipend. And Martin announced at the AGM, that money has been generously provided to guarantee that two interns are able to be supported by our church for the next year. Praise the Lord!

2) Internship training involves personal fundraising as a skill for ministry. Each Intern raises just under half their stipend by personal fundraising among family, friends, colleagues and contacts.

3) If you would like to assist Jaden and Katie with the personal fundraising part of their stipend, they would warmly welcome this. To do so, you could send through a bank transfer to our Redeemer Account, naming the person you wish to support in the reference field. Our bank details are below.

Or you could speak to, or email Jaden or Katie or the Wardens or Mark: contact us.

Thanks for your warm welcome to both families in recent weeks /months.

in Christ, Mark