How to Connect

We hope you have enjoyed visiting our website, but we’d also love to get to know you. Get in touch with us here and check out below some of the ways we meet as a church family.

Sundays at Redeemer 

We meet on Sunday mornings at 10am in the Hornby High School Auditorium, 180 Waterloo Rd, Hornby. We meet together as a church family to hear God speak through His Word as the Bible is read and taught. Someone will lead our prayers. We sing great truths about God to build up one another in love. Afterwards, we gather together for morning tea to get to know one another more and to keep talking about what God has spoken to us in His Word.  

Redeemer 101

New to Redeemer? Redeemer 101 is an opportunity for you to meet church family and learn what we’re all about. We’re passionate about getting to know new people and sharing what makes our church family tick. Come along, ask questions, and make new friends. 

Growth Groups

At Redeemer we enjoy meeting with one another to look into what God has told us in the Bible. We call these Growth Groups and it’s there that we explore and study the Bible together, help each other follow Jesus, and share our lives with one another. Some say it is the heart of what we do at Redeemer so if you’d like to be part of our church family we warmly welcome you to join one of our Growth Groups. 

Christianity Explored

Ever wondered what Christianity is all about? Or maybe you’re a Christian and after a refresher? Christianity Explored is a short course run one night a week that looks into the heart of the Christian faith by exploring one of the eye witness accounts of the life of Jesus. It’s interactive but you can be as involved as you choose, and we welcome any questions you might have. The evenings are lots of fun and we invite anyone who might be interested in learning more about Christianity.