Will you love me? 1 Samuel 18

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Find below some potential questions for our groups in 1 Samuel 18 this week.

Apologies that it has taken me so long to get this to you.

Below is also a quick chat with Pip and I as we work through the questions. If there’s any extra help or clarification I can offer, please get onto me.

I’m praying for you and our time together in God’s word this week.

in Christ, Mark

1 Samuel 15 Concerning obedience

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Good to be getting back into 1 Samuel for term 4.

Find attached some questions that I hope might be helpful in our groups. As always, feel free to do your own work and ask your own questions.

In relation to the questions, Pip and I recorded this 20 min chat:

On Sunday 15 Oct, I plan for us to meet again – 3pm at our home. Can you come?

See you at church.

in Christ, Mark