Recognised by his own? Luke 19: 28 – 48 for Growth Groups


Dear Growth Group leaders,

I hope you’ve been finding these passages in Luke challenging in a good way?

Certainly its clear that Jesus has turned up the temperature when it comes to the urgency and significance of responding to him rightly.

In our next passage, one of the big issues raised is precisely about that: recognising Him in the full – honouring sense of that word. Where the first half seems to rightly recognise & honour him, the second half is so drastically different. This tells us lots about the people he came to save. That he perseveres (rather than cut and run) tells us much about Him!

I’m praying that God, by word and Spirit will be transforming us as we meet. Go well with your groups. See below for the questions and podcast chat with Jaden.

in Christ, Mark

Luke 19:28-48 Growth Group questions chat.

Luke 19:11-27 Faithful servants?

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Thanks for the good start you’ve made with your groups.

And thanks too for your prayers for a sixth group to begin. We’re hoping to see another group commence, perhaps in later March, somewhere just outside the city, such as in Prebbleton.

Please find attached some questions that Jaden and I have drafted for our next passage, Luke 19:11-27 Faithful Servants?

It’s the great parable of the minas, which is likely supposed to jolt us into (and assure us of continuing in) faithful service of Christ while we wait for his coming.

See what you make of these questions, and by all means add / change to suit you and your group.

Here’s our latest Word Dwell Richly episode where we talk about these questions.

In Christ, Mark

He comes for people like us! Luke 19:1-10 for GG

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Well done on the good start you’ve made with your group. A few of our groups have had a slowish start (with a number of group member apologies). Don’t let that disappoint you. Press on good and faithful servants!

Please find below some questions that we’ve prepared for Luke 19 – Jesus and Zacchaeus.

And below you’ll find a chat with Jaden about these questions. Hope this helps. All feedback gladly received. And as always feel free to make these questions your own.

in Christ, Mark

See your Saviour Luke 18:31-43

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Welcome to another Growth Group year together. How good it is to be gathering our groups around God’s word: thanks for your hard work, love and prayer for God’s people!

Please find below some questions that we’ve prepared for Luke 18.

And below you’ll find a chat with Jaden about these questions. Hope it helps! All feedback gladly taken on board.

in Christ, Mark

Will you love me? 1 Samuel 18

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Find below some potential questions for our groups in 1 Samuel 18 this week.

Apologies that it has taken me so long to get this to you.

Below is also a quick chat with Pip and I as we work through the questions. If there’s any extra help or clarification I can offer, please get onto me.

I’m praying for you and our time together in God’s word this week.

in Christ, Mark

1 Samuel 15 Concerning obedience

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Good to be getting back into 1 Samuel for term 4.

Find attached some questions that I hope might be helpful in our groups. As always, feel free to do your own work and ask your own questions.

In relation to the questions, Pip and I recorded this 20 min chat:

On Sunday 15 Oct, I plan for us to meet again – 3pm at our home. Can you come?

See you at church.

in Christ, Mark