1 Samuel 4:1-7:2 Who submits to whom?

Dear Growth Group leaders – including Annie and Don(!) 

Thanks for your willingness to lead our people in opening God’s word. 

Please find below the questions I’ve prepared for our groups next week, on the passage 1 Samuel 4:1 – 7:2. 

Pip and I have had a 20 min conversation about these questions (to explain where I’m coming from, and enable you to put questions in your own words etc). Here it is:

If I can help you further, please let me know. 
in Christ, Mark 

Regarding the Lord

Dear Growth Group leaders

Thanks for your group reports. Hope you & your groups have made a positive start into 1 Samuel. We’re starting to get into the vivid details this week.

Find below the questions I’ve prepared. Even as I attach these, I can think of how this study might be taken in an equally valid yet slightly different direction. The point being: if you think you can come up with different / better questions – by all means do so!

Pip and I have talked through these questions:

Go well this week: may God’s word dwell richly among you!

in Christ, Mark 

Our strength is all of God 1 Samuel 1:24-2:11

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Welcome back for Term 3 and to our new series in 1 Samuel.

I hope in the last fortnight you’ve had a chance to refresh in some way, such that you’re ready and raring to resuming meeting next week. For our part, our week in Kaikoura last week was marvelous – especially seeing the sun rise over the ocean and light up the snow capped ranges. Just beautiful.

Attached are the questions I’ve written for our groups next week.

Below is a link to a 20 min conversation introducing 1 Samuel as well as explaining the questions I’ve written for our groups. Hope this is helpful.

in Christ, Mark