1 Samuel 9-11 God’s kingship over all and for us

Dear Growth Group leaders,

Good to have you join us for our leaders meeting last Sunday afternoon. From the reports, I’m glad to hear about your progress in 1 Samuel.

This week is a tough assignment with three chapters!

Here is the Word Dwell Richly recorded chat with Pip and I concerning the questions below.

In our questions below, I’ve provided some extra detail (as Ciaron requests) on page 2 for leaders.

I’ve also sought to find extra summarising / commentary-like help. St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in London have produced some worthwhile material that gets at the central author’s purpose. I’ve included below a link to the whole lot, as well as a pdf of just the relevant section for this week.

From Paul Clark and Jamie Child at St. Helen’s Bishopsgate in London:


Your hard work in getting the Bible open with our people is producing obvious fruit. Keep up the good work.

in Christ, Mark