Recognised by his own? Luke 19: 28 – 48 for Growth Groups


Dear Growth Group leaders,

I hope you’ve been finding these passages in Luke challenging in a good way?

Certainly its clear that Jesus has turned up the temperature when it comes to the urgency and significance of responding to him rightly.

In our next passage, one of the big issues raised is precisely about that: recognising Him in the full – honouring sense of that word. Where the first half seems to rightly recognise & honour him, the second half is so drastically different. This tells us lots about the people he came to save. That he perseveres (rather than cut and run) tells us much about Him!

I’m praying that God, by word and Spirit will be transforming us as we meet. Go well with your groups. See below for the questions and podcast chat with Jaden.

in Christ, Mark

Luke 19:28-48 Growth Group questions chat.